About Us

About Us


“Our mission is to be the best farm supply organization in the industry. We’ll accomplish this goal through product performance and a commitment to professional service. We will be the best at filling the needs of our customers…

Our business is to:

Simply. Clearly. Exceed Expectations.”

What is a Coop?

A group of farmers soon realize they have very similar problems that need a solution.

Pulling their resources allows the farmers to increase their buying power.

A board of directors develops a governance system to secure trust and accountability.

Farmers are now able to purchase the products they need when they need it.

As the cooperative makes profit the growers receive a patronage based on purchases that year.

Another portion of the profits goes into a revolving fund to support future growth.

Becoming Your Partner in Production

When you’re a farmer-owned company, the local growers—not big-city investors—drive the way you do business. That’s why the professionals at Stanislaus Farm Supply listen to the area farmers who make up our nine-member board of directors. We listen to our sales professionals who are in the fields every day. And most of all, we listen to you, our customers. If we need to make changes to meet your needs, we do it.

The bottom line? We’re committed to building long-term relationships built on trust. We know that trust is never given. It is earned—always.

People form cooperatives to obtain services that they cannot get as economically, efficiently, or effectively as individuals. The cooperative provides a structure within which people can voluntarily act or operate by joining resources-physical or mental, man-made or natural, and material, including financial-to achieve an end. This grassroots concept enables people to work together in collective efforts to solve problems or obtain a variety of services1

Our History

A Rich History of Success

A shrinking supply of bailing wire, brought on by steel work strikes across the country, drove area farmers to pool their resources under a committee to secure a rail car of wire. One of those farmers, Joe Sousa made an offer to the Farm Supply Committee, headed by Maurice McDonald, to manage the company for six months at no salary. In addition, he offered the use of his pickup and 1-1/2 ton truck at no charge. If, at the end of six months the directors were satisfied with the operation, he would continue an additional six months. If not, he would resign with no financial obligations to the company. Fred Thiemann supplemented this proposal by offering office space and clerical services at no charge, and in 1949, Stanislaus Farm Supply was born.

Originally located on 8th and Washington, Stanislaus Farm Supply’s early success is often attributed to the business savvy of its founding members along with its integral relationship with the county’s Farm Bureau. By 1960 Farm Supply acquired a new warehouse on E. Service that allowed for the future development of onsite bulk fertilizer storage and added a field staff to better emphasize its service-oriented business model.

While Stanislaus Farm Supply saw a strengthening in its relationship with Farm Bureau and area growers there was an increasing gap between those farmers and consumers. Through the development of local scholarships and an unwavering support of FFA and 4H Farm Supply found a way to support and strengthen the rural lifestyle while promoting agriculture to the greater general public.

While other grower-owned companies and ag suppliers have gone out of business in the past 66 years, Farm Supply been able to survive and thrive by adapting to change. From advances in Ag technology to climate and environmental changes, agriculture is a dynamic industry full of challenges and opportunities. Stanislaus Farm Supply is proud to work alongside Farm Bureau as an affiliated co-op to be a voice for agriculture and will strive to improve the financial well-being and quality of life for farmers and ranchers.

Our Leadership Team

The Right People.

The Right Place.

The Right Time.

CEO/ President
Nick Biscay

President / CEO

CFO / Controller
Espiridon "Speedy" Ixta

Chief Financial Officer

VP of Operations
Ed Tobler

VP of Operations

Marketing Manager
Joey Gonsalves

Marketing Manager

VP of Sales
Tony Weatherred

VP of Sales

At Farm Supply we strongly believe that a leader is more than a title and everyday employees from all facets of the organization demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities. From forklift operators to accounting staff we have a diverse and talented group of individuals that have made the commitment to serving our area farmers. If you are interested in joining the team at Stanislaus Farm Supply please visit our opportunities page to download an employment application today.

Our Communities

The beauty of a small town is that you know your neighbors and they know you. You have people you come to trust and depend on.

That’s exactly how we feel about the communities were we have put roots. We have worked hard to build trust in our communities and local organizations through collaborative efforts in fundraising, scholarships and participating in many local events. Whether you have seen us at the Lassen County Fair, the City of Modesto 4th of July Parade or one of the many local crab feeds we always try and find away to support those that contribute to the success of the agriculture industry.

FFA & 4H Engagement


National Ag Science Center


Engaging in Ag

For well over a year now, Farm Supply has partnered with AgStories a regional multimedia news magazine with the aim of “telling the compelling stories about the human side of people in agriculture.” to help raise awareness of and engage with the general public in discussions around our industry.

With stories ranging from rural crime to multi-generational farm families, there is always a story out there worth telling. View more AgStories at www.agstories.com.

1 Appropedia (13, Dec. 2009). Advising People about Cooperatives. Last retrieved April 14th, 2016 from http://www.appropedia.org/Advising_people_about_cooperatives.